mardi 24 août 2010

Congratulations ! Tribut to my friend

This morning I had a wonderful new waiting more me in my mailbox. My dear friend Ruth got her referral. Congratulation my friend I am so happy for you. Ruth is a special friend I met through a online discussion board. When the bankruptcy happen last year, a lot of family affected by this tragedy gather on this web site to have news and discuss about this horrible nightmare. Right a way, I notice Ruth's messages with her positivity and her hope. Instead of be depress, Ruth was proactive and confident. She refused to be negative and was part of the group who work so hard to reopen our agency. During this nightmare, Ruth's attitude was a example for me to stay strong and confident in God plan. Few months ago, we were inform about the lack of referral for sibling. I was really sad about that not only for me but for my friend Ruth who was expecting since many years to have a sibling referral. However, despite the deception, she never being negative about this situation and change her request for a single child with courage and positivity. Today, I am amaze to see how God plans are wonderful for our life. My friend got her referral and more wonderful she is now mom of three children. Yes she got a sibling referral !!!!

Ruth's attitude give me the hope that one day I will have the referral who fit perfectly to our family.

Congratulations my friend, I am so happy for you.

vendredi 20 août 2010

Joy and happiness !!!

Today our adoption group are celebrating the referral of two sibling group. After a six months wait we can now see a movement in the sibling list. What a relieve.... I am so happy for these families tonight.

Now, I am praying that my friend Ruth will receive her phone call very soon....

mardi 17 août 2010

Craving for Ethiopian food

Since fews days I am craving for Ethiopian food... so guest what I will eat tonight ?

vendredi 13 août 2010

Signed !!!

We signed this morning our addendum to allow us to adopt a older child. We are so happy to did this change in our request. When we start this process two years ago we did not know much about adoption world. We made some decisions with the knowledge we had at this time. I do not have a child for now so at that time, everything in my life was about babies. Normal reaction because when you create a family you usually start with a baby. However, international adoption had some surprises for me. One day, I connect online with other future adoptive parents who like me are waiting to be match with their child. This wonderful connection gave me the opportunity to know more about adoption challenges and realities. One thing touch my heart, older child situation. However, before making a change in our request it was important for me to forget the baby idea and picture my life with a older child almost ready to start school. What a big difference with my first idea to adopt a child but now I feel in my heart that is the right thing to do. After all the adventures we being through in the last two years and the ones we still don't know about (because international adoption is so unpredictable) I just want to be a parent and open my house for a child who need to be love and cherish.

dimanche 8 août 2010

"Like Dandelion Dust" Trailer movie - in theatre September 2010

What do you think about this one ? Movie based on Karen Kingsbury novel. I will read the book but I don't know if I will be able to see the movie....

The Story
Joey lives an idyllic life with his parents on the coast of Florida. His days are spent playing with his cousins, sailing with his dad, and making up stories with his mom.

It's a perfect life until the day they receive a disturbing phone call: a stranger's decision could tear Joey away from the comfort and security of the only home he's ever known.

One family is determined to keep the son they love, the other is determined to begin a new life, the life they've always dreamed of. Joey's future rests in their hands and someone must make the bravest decision of their life.

Sometimes the greatest love is letting go.

To Save A Life - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

A inspirational movie about real-life challenges of teens and theirs choices.... social divisions, school violence, cutting, suicide, teen pregnancy, divorce. I really enjoy seeing this movie last night.

Jake Taylor has it all, friends, fame, a basketball scholarship and the hottest girl in school. What could be better? Enter Roger Dawson. Roger has nothing. No friends. No hope. Nothing but put-downs and getting pushed aside. Jake and Roger were best friends when they were kids. But the politics of high school quickly pulled them apart. Now Roger doesn't fit in Jake's — or anyone's circle – and he's had enough. He walks onto campus with a gun in his pocket and pain in his heart and makes a tragic move. Jake's last-ditch effort can't stop Roger, and the sudden tragedy rocks Jake's world. Something breaks loose inside and sends him questioning everything. Most of all, he can't shake the question; could I have saved Roger? In a quest for answers, Jake finds himself looking for the next Roger and reaching out to the outcasts and lonely. But he quickly finds that crossing class castes threatens all his world is built on. And it could cost him his own friends, his girl, his dreams and even his reputation. Is it worth the price to find the answer to his ultimate question; what do I want my life to be about ?

mardi 3 août 2010

I need your help !

In three weeks I will do the CanTest to evaluate my English level. The CanTest is a standardized English proficiency test used to give you some idea of how much additional English language training you may need. This test has three parts : Listening, reading and writing. Listening and reading should not be a challenge. However, writing is my biggest fear. I know my writing is not perfect and I would like you bring to my attention some mistakes I usually do so I can practice until the test. Asking help is never easy because we need to accept first to be humble. However, I know it better I learn now then later.

To pass the test I need to be at level 4.

CanTest band levels in writing.

Level 3 : Limited writer : Sometimes communicates intended meaning. Limited range of vocabulary and structures. Errors interfere with understanding. Development may be disjointed.

Level 4 : Modest writer : Usually communicates intended meaning, with an adequate range of vocabulary and structures. Some errors, but they usually do not interfere with understanding. Topic is somewhat organized but may lack cohesion.

Level 5 : Very Good writer : Clearly and effectively communicates meaning, with a wide range of vocabulary and structures. Presentation is well-organized. Errors are infrequent and minor.

Thanks for your help.

lundi 2 août 2010

14 months

We officially hit today our 14 months waiting in our adoption process. What to say about this anniversary ? I need to admit that I have mix feelings about our waiting time. First of all, I understand that I can't speed this process with my own strength and I feel that the only thing I need to do right know is keep myself busy. Busy enough that my head will forget about the timeline. Fortunately, I am a busy girl. I like having two or three projects in a row, working full time and studying at the university in the same time, traveling, volunteer my time with community projects. However, it does not seem enough to being busy because timeline start to be heavy in my life even with all my projects.

Two years ago, when we started our adoption process, my thinking about adoption was very romantic. I knew it will be not easy but not as much as all we being through last year. I am really thankful that our adoption is still in process. Last year we being through a horrible nightmare with the bankruptcy of our agency. At that time, we did not know what will happen for us and we were so devastated by the idea to shut down our dream to become a family. "Feel free to choose a another country and restart you adoption process" said to me a woman form Ontario child ministry last year. One year later, I can't believe she said that and my heart still cry when I think about that. How can we just "restart again" ? Adoption process is not a Monopoly game where we can "try again". People all over Canada were affected by this tragedy and without propers answers we feel a reel comfort to be in contact with another families like us via Internet. An incredible team work started with government lobbying and television, radio, newspapers interviews. All over Canada, families choose to be resilient. Our petition had over 7000 signatures and even without answers we choose to have hope. Fortunately, BDO (Trustee agency in charge of the bankruptcy) open their heart (instead of their administrative rules) and help us to keep alive our agency by offering to work on a restructuring plan. During many months we lived with the hope but also with the stress to see our dream shut down again. Around Christmas we receive the best gift... our agency reopen and restart giving child referral. What a release !!! 2010 started with more child referral then we expected and we were confident that the rest of our wait time will be more smooth.

Our initial timeline before the bankruptcy was 12 months. Now, we don't know what to expect. Rules changes in the country were we adopt in order to ensure more ethical process. We fully support this initiative because we do want do to a ethical adoption. However, being in the middle of this process and never know what to expect is hard. We also need to travel two times. After having our referral we will need to attend to the court to become the legal parent of our child and come back in Canada without our child. Around six months later, when Immigration Canada will issue our child visa we will go back and bring back our child in Canada. So much things happen in the last 14 months and often I feel tired about the entire process.
In a other hand, I am so thankful that our file is in Ethiopia. If is was not the case our timeline will be even bigger. Our file was one of the last who was send before the bankruptcy so we are really happy to be in line.

As you can see, I have a mix feelings. I feel this waiting time heavy to handle and in the same time I do not want complaint because I know the situation can be more worse.

La version française de ce message sera publiée prochainement.....

Alegria by Cirque du Soleil - Official Trailer

Enjoy and dream....