mardi 30 novembre 2010

I am so happy !

I knew my life will change when I will have my child. However, I did not know I will feel so great. It like everything in the world is now looking good. I am so excited to start decorating his bedroom and his playroom. Now, it for reel I can start shopping for him. My mom and I also started talking about having a baby shower in the spring (between our two trips) with the idea to have a fundraising night about Ethiopia. It will be so great if we can share to joy to become parent of our son and also be able to help other children in Ethiopia.

We are very busy with paperwork, specially with Immigration as we still not received our part 1. My husband call this morning to expedited our process. All letters will be in the mail tomorrow morning and we believe we will receive this precious letter very soon.

dimanche 28 novembre 2010


Yes ! Time has come for us to become the parents of one of the most beautiful little boy. We are so happy to inform you that we just accept the referral of a 4 years old boy. We are very happy but in the same time very sad to read about his life and all the grieving he will need to do in his life before he join our family forever.

We are over the moon. We look at his picture and we are amazed to have the honour to become one day his parents. However, our referral story was not a fairy tale. For different raisons and also in order to respect our son's life privacy we do not want to say too much detail about that but I think it important to say that the last ten days has been really difficult for our family. After the joy to received our son referral we have learn some details about his health and after we got a wrong medical advice from our family doctor. We were devastated with the idea that we might need to declined our precious referral. During this difficult time we got a lot of support from our friends and family. I would like to thanks Ruth and Jennifer, two precious friends who are also in the process to adopt a child from Ethiopia. These two friends were there to support me all week. Their presence help me to look all the possibilities available for us.

Even all these negative answers we did received, I was not ready to sign our referral decline and I decided to take my time to process all the informations. Last Wednesday, we decided to ask for a second medical advice from a international adoption doctor (adoption clinic in Edmonton). This move was the best we can ever do. Unfortunately, she was not available to meet with us in a short time due to all the referrals she have received from Ethiopia. She was only able to meet with us Saturday night. We decided to wait until Saturday in order to have a other view about the medical report of our child.

Saturday, was a long day. I was so nervous and tired. The last week has been very exhausting with all the emotions and our sadness. I find it was hard to go to my work and put a mask in my face. So yesterday was the big day to help us to made our final decision. All day, I clean up, cook, put my Christmas decoration.... I try to change my mind and my hope was to believe to a miracle until the end. Then around 21:00h our phone ring and it was our doctor ready to talk with us about our child health situation. She was wonderful. During 1:30h... yes all this time she took the time to explain the social context in ethiopian adoption and share with me her knowledge and then she look at the lab result and all physical aspect of our child report. She gave me the time to ask all my questions and then she gave me her final advice. Our child has some medical condition who need to be look after when he will be in Canada but the good new is he can have a medical treatment and majority of the ethiopian child she saw with this condition had a recovery in the next year of their arrival. I was so happy to hear this wonderful new because it was the opposite of what I have hear from our family doctor.

After her phone call, my husband and I had a long discussion and we decided to go the sleep and made our decision Sunday after church. I did not had a good sleep as I was turning around all night wondering if ?.... and what will happen if ?... why ? Church this morning was awesome. Our lunch time was long and in silent. I was almost done when my husband ask me...

- So went will we go pick up our son ?

- What ? I was so surprise... excited... one of the most awesome moment in my life.

We had a honest discussion and explain how we felt about this child. For both of us he is our and we decided to accepted our child referral.

Since this afternoon, I am over the moon. I am so happy to have the privilege to become one day the mom of this beautiful little boy. Our journey to him was hard but the only thing I want to remember is the day we meet him, he become our son in our heart. Our families are really excited to welcome Samuel in our family.

La version française de cette merveilleuse histoire sera publiée sous peu.....

vendredi 26 novembre 2010

Congratulations !!!

Despite the hard time we are going through, my heart rejoice right now for two of my friends and blog readers who has accepted their referral. Ruth will be the mom on a little boy and a little girl and Laura will be also the mom of a 3.5 years old boy. Congratulations to both of you. We are happy to see two positive stories in our adoption world. Wishing you a smoothly and fast court and a visa process.

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

I would love to write....

.... but I can't right now. Something happen last week and our life is in limbo since that time. That moment was suppose to be one of our best moment of our life but it was not... I am waiting for some answer and I hope that I will be able to be back soon on my blog.

mardi 16 novembre 2010

Referrals will come...

This is a magical sentence when you are in the process to adopt a child. This little word "will" make all the difference. It bring hope and trust in a positive future for our family. Every little news is a wonderful feeling when you are waiting to know who will become your children. Hang on all my friends, our referrals will come...

vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day was yesterday. However, I do believe that this day should not be commemorate one time a year but also in our everyday life. Because Remembrance Day is directly related to the war, this subject may become really sensitive for some people. Can we stand again war and violence and also commemorate our soldiers life ? Yes, I do believe that Remembrance Day is not about being for or again war but first of all about humanity, life, sacrifice and family lost. When I think about Remembrance Day I do not think if is right or bad to be involve in a controversy political situation overseas but I do remember wives, children, mothers, dads and friends who lost someone important in their life.

For you families and friends... Lest We Forget !