lundi 31 janvier 2011

Busyness and reality...

I just realize that I am writing on my blog two times a months (every two weeks). Pretty bad average for a girl who like to read someone else blog on a daily basis. To be honest too much happen for us right now and I am doing my best to keep control of everything. I all the time enjoy keeping myself busy as for me it the best way for stay positive and stay far from depressing stuff. In another way, I try to forget the reality with my busyness. There is nothing wrong to be busy but right now my upcoming trip to Ethiopia bring up a lot of emotions that I cannot avoid anymore with my busyness.

I look for this trip since many years. Now it hard to believe that in few days I will be in another continent and experiencing for the first time the ethiopian culture. I read some much about this country and now it real. This trip will be really special as I will have the opportunity to see my son for the first time. To be honest I was not happy when our agency told us about the new requirement of two trips instead of one. One trip was something important for me as I did not feel comfortable to see my child and then be away few months before I can bring him at home. We choose Ethiopia for one of this reason. We were able to met the ethiopian requirement about age, years of marriage, time to stay in the country.... and only one trip. Now, I do not have the choice to deal with a unwanted situation. Let me clarify, I am super excited to have the opportunity to meet my son but I find awful the idea to see him and come back home for 3 to 6 months. This reality is difficult not only for us but also for my son who need to stay in a institution longer then necessary. I fought again this second trip a lot and now time as come to go. I need to be mature and face what I need to do to become legally the mom of my son, appear to court in Ethiopia.

This trip will be wonderful I am sure but I will also need all your prayers to help me to stay strong and confident that everything will be ok until my son finally can come home.

mardi 18 janvier 2011

Busy, busy, busy....

I love to read adoption blog stories and the ones I prefer are when the author is writing regularly. Unfortunately, I am not doing what I expect from other blogs. The last two weeks has been really busy and the next three will probably be. There is different things happen in our life right now. All good things but a lot of things. After the nightmare of updating our paperwork during Christmas time we can now enjoy planning our trip. We are now leaving in 17 days... Wow ! I know it will not be a easy trip but I am really looking for this one because I will have the opportunity to see for the first time my little boy.

There is also few projects coming up. I am know to be a busy girl but believe me now I am more then busy... with work, special fundraising project for Ethiopia with my school and looking for a new house (yes you read correctly) is busyness x 100. My big fear was to be not enough busy in between my two trip... I think it will be not the case. In a certain way I am happy because time fly faster. In a other way, I only have 24h in a day and my body cannot do much of what I am doing right now.

mercredi 5 janvier 2011

Court date for us !!!

Yes ! We are going to be in Ethiopia very soon. I received the confirmation today that our court date will be on February 11.... so in one month I am going to see my little boy. It will be a hard trip to see him and come back in Canada after but in the same time this trip is going to bring me closer to my son.

To have a successful court date we need to have three things.

- Birth family appearance in court (on the same day but at a different time of us)
- Adoptive family appearance in court (us)
- MOWA letter (government letter to give us permission to adopt our son)

If one of these three things is missing we will need to have another court date few weeks later and it will occur more delay in our adoption process. There is only one thing we can control, our presence in Ethiopia. For the two other things we can only pray that everything will be ready for us.

I am so excited !!!!!

lundi 3 janvier 2011

Youth's charity work funds Ethiopian wells

Youth's charity work funds Ethiopian wells

Ten-year-old Connor Kindred was looking forward to his adopted brother's arrival from Ethiopia but was surprised to learn he doesn't have all the things Canadian children have.

Connor sent his broken Xbox away for repairs but it was taking a long time so his parents bought a new one.

Connor wanted to give one to his new brother, Daniel, but his parents told him that they don't have electricity or clean water everywhere in Ethiopia so an Xbox was not practical.

"I'm like, 'That's weird. I should help them out,' " said Connor, who lives in Emerald Park.

Connor decided to raise money for the country's residents through a charity called WaterCan to give Ethiopian children what they really need -- clean water and proper sanitation.

Connor raised about $13,000 from friends, family and others. In addition, he saved about $440 on his own by asking for donations instead of presents for his birthday and Christmas.

"I have a lot of toys that I don't even play with. It feels quite good to get money from other people to help people around the world with troubles," said Connor.

Connor is sponsoring WaterCan's Hamle 19 Primary School Project and Dera Boku Primary School Project to provide the schools with clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education.

Connor noticed that in every picture of Daniel, from Awash near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, he was wearing pink shoes.

"It makes me laugh in a kind of funny way. Then like, here we are sitting with fancy contraptions while they're over there without TVs and everything," Connor said.

Connor's parents, Tom and Patti, are going to Ethiopia in January and will bring items like toothbrushes to the school. Connor will join his parents on their second trip to bring Daniel home, hopefully in May.

He recently gave a presentation to financial planner Rod Tyler's clients of Tyler and Associates at the Kramer Imax Theatre. Tyler, the family's financial planner, described the Kindreds as very generous people.

"Standing in front of all of those 175 people, a 10 year-old boy talked about why he wanted to raise money to develop water wells and safe drinking water in Ethiopia," explained Tyler.

The audience was extremely moved by how adult and focused Connor was, he added. Tyler's company matched the money raised that night.

"It's quite extraordinary for a young man to be able to do something like that -- he must have good parents," said Tyler.

To donate to Connor's project, visit Connor's Well Wish online (

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dimanche 2 janvier 2011

Happy New Year !

2011 started with excitement and anticipation for our family. This year will be (we hope) the year were our family will welcome our son. We can never be sure (because adoption world have show many time that things can change) but 2011 bring a lot of expectations for our family. As much as I want a be with my son as much as I feel sometime overwhelm with everything we have to do before we have the chance to be with him. We have more then half of the way done but the next fews months will also be the most challenging. Now that I have a face and I can picture who he is, now that I know he is waiting for his parents, I would like to wake up and having him beside me. However, I know that until then I need to find the way to be strong and patient.

I used to take resolutions every year. This year I decided to change a little bit and raise up my 2011 prayers.

For 2011...

... I pray that my son health will be good from now and also when he will be with us.

... I pray that our court date will be successful (in a short time) and I find the way to be strong between the time we will wait for his visa. I pray that I will not be worries and I will be able to be functional in my usual duties (very important)

... I pray that we will be able to made the best decisions for our family when the time come.

... I pray that adoption process will go smoothly for our adoption community and families will receive referrals and visa quickly.

This is my prayers for 2011. Wishing you a wonderful new year. May 2011 be a peaceful year in your life.