jeudi 31 mars 2011

Do you have a children ?

Since last week I can proudly answer.... YES ! I have a little boy. I can now feel more comfortable in a mommy circle discussion and I even enjoy (I didn't before) some easy chatting about baby, children and house life. What a change for me.

However, there is still some people who will try and ask... Do you have children on your own ?

- What ? I just answer.... Yes ! I have a little boy...

- Well, you know what I mean......

- No I don't... my son is my own child and I am very proud to be his mom.

jeudi 24 mars 2011

We got THE letter !

Yes ! it true... we received our letter yesterday and we found out this morning that our son is now legally our. So incredible, we are so happy. We found out this morning but yesterday I had a kind of feeling that our letter was there. Wednesday, I was at work and at lunch hour I saw that our adoption administrator had send me a email few hours ago. Her message was simple....

Please call me back or let me know what is your work number so I can call you.

On the moment, I did not realize and then few second later I read again and I realize that something was going on because our agency never call me (we use email all the time) or it me I contact them if I have a question. I can't do long distance call in my classroom so I run to the office and I ask if I can do a long distance call RIGHT NOW. They could see that something was going on and they were super excited to know the latest new about our adoption. Then, I got her answer machine.... fine I thought I will call later. Then the afternoon pass and when I realize that it was already 17h in the province where my agency is located I was very confuse. I did not understand why I was suppose to call back and with no answer I started to think that it might be my imagination. I read again my email, and then few hours later... read again. It was not my imagination but I knew I will only found out the day later. All evening, I was on pin and needles. I was praying that this phone call was for our letter and not for a bad new. The night was very long, I woke up few time and it was hard to keep my mind free. Early this morning, I called and I had the confirmation that our letter was there and now my son was legally our.

On Feb 11th we were 4 families.... 3 got their letter today and one is still waiting. Let pray that this family received very soon her letter and my joy will be complete.


Oui, c'est bien vrai ! Nous avons reçu notre lettre de support et nous avons appris ce matin que nous sommes les parents légaux de notre fils. C'est tellement extraordinaire... nous sommes très heureux de voir enfin un dénouement à cette longue attente.

Nous avons appris la nouvelle ce matin mais déjà hier j'avais l'impression que la lettre était déjà arrivé. Mercredi, j'étais au travail quand, pendant l'heure du lunch, j'ai vu que la personne responsable de notre dossier à l'agence m'avais envoyé un courriel. Le message était bien simple, elle me demandait de la rappeler le plus tôt possible ou de lui communiquer le numéro où elle pouvait me rejoindre au travail. Sur le coup, je n'ai pas réalisé sur le moment la signification de ce message quand très rapidement tout est devenu très clair. Si elle essayait de me rejoindre c'est surement parce qu'elle avait quelque chose de très important à m'annoncer car elle ne m'a jamais appelé (normalement nos communications se font par courriel). Je ne suis pas en mesure de faire des appels longue distance dans ma salle de classe alors j'ai immédiatement couru au secrétariat et j'ai presque hurlé que j'avais besoin de faire un appel longue distance MAINTENANT. Tout le monde dans le bureau était curieux de savoir ce qui pouvait bien se passer et de mon côté j'ai composé fébrilement le numéro de notre agence. Pas de chance, je suis tombée sur sa boite vocale. Pas de problème, je vais rappeler plus tard ai-je pensé à ce moment là. Puis, l'après-midi s'est passé sans retour d'appel. J'ai alors commencé à douter. Est-ce que j'avais imaginé ce courriel et que finalement il n'y avait pas de développement récent ? Pourquoi est-ce qu'elle me demandait de la rappeler et ensuite je n'avais pas de retour d'appel. Tout est devenu tellement confus dans ma tête. J'étais déçue mais en même temps je savais que ça ne servais à rien d'être négative et découragée puisque je ne savais pas encore la raison de cet appel. La nuit fut longue et tourmentée. Je me suis réveillée souvent et il était difficile de ne pas m'inquiéter.

Finalement, ce matin j'ai appelé notre agence avant d'aller au travail et j'ai appris la merveilleuse nouvelle que j'étais désormais légalement sa maman. Quel bonheur !

lundi 21 mars 2011

It gonna be ok...

First of all, I would like to thanks friends and family who took the time to write something on my blog, send me a email or praying for us. We feel so bless to have a such of amazing support group for us right now.

Now.... what happen ? I went in my bed early yesterday hoping that sleeping will help me to kill the time I need to wait before I can have some new from Ethiopia. My head was on Addis time and I was thinking what could happen for us.... I try to keep myself busy with packing but it was not enough so I end up going in my bed.

Then I wake up this morning like a little girl on Christmas day.... so excited to open my present. I feel it was like doing a pregnancy test... Then I sit down on my kitchen floor close to my phone and I wait.... wait.... and wait... My idea was to wait for them to call instead of me calling them. As I was sit on the floor my imagination was working and I could almost hear a nice voice telling me that after all this years of waiting I was the mommy of my son. Then after a hour of wait I decided to call.

The GOOD new is we do not have another court date. This mean that everything in our file is in order. Only one thing is missing the supporting letter from the ethiopian government. Having this letter as been a nightmare recently as they decided two weeks ago to only write 5 letters per day instead of 17-20 they used to do before. This letter is very important and without we can have our adoption order granted. However, knowing that only 5 letters per day was issued (in the whole world) we were very worries about how it can affect our court date. Should we have another court date and then wait for another month ? It was my biggest fear. Obviously, reducing the number of letter have create a huge backlog putting a lot of families in limbo. What will happen with us ? That was one of the major concerns we had. Then we were told this morning that we will not need to have another court date. According to the judge, when we will receive our supporting letter our adoption will be grated.

So the good new is..... from now our adoption can be finalize anytime. Of course, I would prefer to hear that our son was legally our but knowing that we do not have to wait another month for another court day is a very positive new for us.

We are now rejoicing that our son will be with us very soon. Let be confident that everything will be ok....

dimanche 20 mars 2011

Believe and having faith....

Tonight is THE night. Tomorrow morning we will receive a call and no matter what happen since the last few weeks I still believe that miracle is possible. Yes, a lot of thing change in our adoption process since we have start but no matter what, God is still in control of our situation and I truly believe that tomorrow will bring a positive outcome for our family.

What is faith ? Faith is believe something you don't see and something you cannot understand. Faith is knowing that no matter how hard is the situation God can still do a miracle. Faith is believe that my son will be with us this summer.

Thanks for your prayers and your support to the last week.

dimanche 13 mars 2011

It not over yet !!!

Our second court date is in a week from now... A lot of emotion has been in our life since our first court date on Feb. 11. This situation has being more stressful since the reduction of number of letters write by MOWA. By writing 5 letters/day, it's not difficult to understand that on the 21th some families will not received their letter.

For me it time to step away for my blog and all discussions about adoption and keep my mind in prayer until our son is legally our.

I will be back soon.... until then keep up in prayers.

lundi 7 mars 2011

First impressions...

I have starting to opening... like a flower. I can't believe I have being so quiet during the last three weeks. The first week, I was in shock. Too much happen in the same time. January was one of the busy month of my life... trying to be ready for our trip to Ethiopia, preparing my classroom for my sub, applying my research project on a possible federal grant and.... trying to sell our house... Yes ! I did all that... way too much.

Then February 5th came, like a dream we left Canada and we flew to meet our son. Our trip was very long Toronto-London (with a 12h hours layover) then London-Addis. My husband and I really enjoy this time we had for ourselves sit side by side. After almost 48 hours in plane and airport we reach the african continent for the first time.... My dream was coming trough, after all this years of waiting, I was in Africa. Trough the last year, I carefully took a lot of notes from families who had traveled before us. Everything when perfectly (visa, custom, luggages) until almost at the end when a paid porter came to us and took our luggage to help us. I was so tired then I did not realize what trouble I was putting myself in. He took the whole control of everything, pushed our luggage (even if we did not ask him to do) and lead us to the exit. To be honest, I had no idea why this guy was helping us... he might be just want be nice... MISTAKE !!! This guy was a paid porter. His job is to help us (without asking him) and he expects to be paid after. Fine... the problem was that we did not have any Birr, just US money. He insisted he want to be paid and I was wondering how I will be able to get out of this situation. Anyway, I did not have any choice (what I thought at this moment) and I gave him $20 US... I know it way too much but I did not know what to do, we were alone in the airport and we had no idea who was our driver. Then he ask me for more... What ???? I just gave you $20 for 5 minutes of work (unsolicited) and you want more ???? Even me I do not make this amount for 5 minutes of work.... For his boss he told me. Now I realize that it was only the beginning of what I will discover about hierarchy social pyramid in Africa and I will learn more and more trough my week in Addis.