lundi 25 juillet 2011

A New World....

Well, I have so much to say, I do not know where I should start.... Last month we were in our way to Ethiopia to pick up our son. Now, we are home since three weeks, busy, tired, exhausted but very happy to have our family of three. So much things happen since last month and I can say that my life have entirely change since I am a mother. The first week, in Ethiopia, was really hard. The next two at home were too. However, I have to say that since two days we have start to enjoy our family routine. Before, everything seem so bizarre for me, for my hubby and more then ever for my son. Attachment is not magical and it take a lot of time. Today, I went to the park alone with my son and we enjoy spend time together. It was the first time since three weeks that we have feel a special connection together.

I will be happy to tell more about our new life in the next few days....

dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Back home

After two weeks in Ethiopia we are now back home with our son. I still feel it surreal to have him sleeping in his room upstair. We arrived yesterday after 35 hours in between planes and airports. Mommy and Daddy were exhausted, our little boy was all excited and noisy with everything new he was seeing. I will be sharing with you the highlights of our trip in the next few days.