dimanche 23 mars 2014

Pakistan adoption rejected

Pakistan adoption rejected

Recently a decision in this case has been made.  Despite the emotive side in me that would like to see this family reunite, the reality is that when the ministry of social services refuse to give a Letter of no objection if because some basics rules does not seem to have been respected before parents being able to take full custody of their adoptive child.  I am not able to discuss about this specific case however I can share about my personal experience as an adoptive mother.  First of all, you cannot go in another country, take custody of a child (even a relative) and ask Canada immigration to allow the child to come to Canada.  Why ? As much as we want to help orphans or vulnerable children this regulation is in place to protect the safety of the children.  If Canada and others countries would allow this practice it will not take long to unfortunately see an increase with child and human trafficking.

In order to have the Letter of no objection prospective parents need to follow several rules.

1-  First of all, prospective parents need to be registered with their provincial social services ministry and a home study need to be done by an adoption practionner (social work accredited by the provincial ministry).  A minimum a 4 visits and interviews will be done and a report will be submit to the ministry.  Prospective parents will after receive a letter from the ministry allowing them or not to pursue an adoption process.

2-  Work with a country accredited by your province.  International adoption is not allow in all countries and each provinces have their own regulations.  Despite the fact that Saskatchewan does not have a provincial adoption agency, this province strongly recommend to work with an accredited agency from another province and discourage private adoption in order to avoid corruption and conflict of interests.

3-  In many countries, international adoption will be granted as the last solution in the best interest of the child.  Therefore, domestic adoption need to be consider by extended family members before considering the option of international adoption.

When all these requirements are respected, Letter of no objection will be issue in order to allow the child to apply for a permanent residency of a Citizenship visa.  As you can see bring a child to Canada is not easy (and should not be).  As much as we want to see this family reunited, the rules in place need to be respected in order to protect the safety of all the others vulnerable children who could unfortunately be trap in abusive situations.

La version française de ce commentaire sera publiée demain…….